Marriage Counseling in Baltimore, MD

"The Love you take is equal to the love you make."

Lenon and McCartney

Sometimes, a small problem can cause a great deal of pain. Often times, a little bit of assistance can make the difference between staying together happily and getting a divorce. Many people look back years later at their failed marriages, regretting that they were not wise enough to seek the help they needed. Divorce is extremely painful for parents and for children. Grandparents aren't too thrilled with it either!

By the time many people decide to seek marriage counseling, they are, at the same time, feeling that it's too late to save their marriage. Sometimes they are right, most of the time they are wrong. But, even if counseling doesn't result in staying together, it is still a win-win proposition. You have the satisfaction of always knowing that you gave it your best shot. You put in the extra time and effort for yourself and for your children.

We so often feel if we could just get away from our spouse and find a nice, understanding, loving person, happiness and contentment would be ours for the taking. At this point, I share with my patients, " take your head wherever you go and use it with whomever you're with next. It never hurts to get an oil and filter change before going on a long trip."

I have been providing treatment for step-families, step-parents, intact families, people going through divorce, sexual problems and parent-child problems for 40 years. Counseling for divorce mediation and post-divorce child adjustment problems is also available.

Oftentimes depression can create problems in your marriage and family. People can suffer from depression, particularly long standing depression, and not be aware they are depressed because it "feels" normal to them. Conversely, ongoing marital and family problems can lead to depression. Depression must be treated first in order to give you the emotional where-with-all to address your marriage and family issues.